The Story: Opening Scenes

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What must it have been like, to experience the Garden of Eden?

For most of us, paradise probably sums it up. And with that comes visions of tropical beaches and cool drinks. Tables full of food. Leisure. Relaxation. Opulence.

I think some of these at least partially capture the idea, but it’s worth pausing to consider the details as we begin to think about what went wrong. In order to appreciate what was lost, we’ll need to know what they had.

In Genesis 2, the focus narrows from God’s intentions for the broader creation of mankind, and zooms in to the experiences of two specific individuals—Adam and Eve.

Take a look at their paradise as described in Genesis 2. What are the things included in the description?






Why are these things included?




Does everything fit with your idea of paradise? Why or why not?




We’ll look at these more closely in the next article.

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