In October of 2005, after a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, a Master’s Degree in Theology, and over 28 years of vocational ministry, the Christianity I experienced still seemed random and fragmented.
Convinced that the faith handed down through Scripture is more singular and cohesive than anything I had encountered, I set out to understand the “whole purpose of God” which Paul spoke of in Acts 20:27.
This pursuit led me to see Scripture as a singular Story, unfolding across the ages and through the lives of the multitude of characters. I continue to be amazed at how tightly woven this Story is.
In the process, my faith has become increasingly practical. What was once theoretical doctrine is growing into functional theology, as I see how the details of my story fit into the context of the larger Story.
Everything on this site flows out of this perspective. But as you might imagine, there is much more content than I can deliver through this website. My hope here is simply to give you a taste.
If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the things I am learning, please email me. Whether you are an individual, or you lead a small group or church, I would love to connect with you.